AIMÉ LEON DORE & It’s Pop-Up Location.

IMG_9007Last night, I paraded myself far downtown to the neighborhood of Nolita, braving the harsh Fall weather in New York City of course. AIMÉ LEON DORE was brought to life with the launch of their first concept store last night. The store was merchandise with rustic leather chairs and tons of oversized candles which basically provided the light for the evening “mostly”, Teddy Santis presented his third collection, 0214 New York , to press aka me & friends. IMG_9009“Heavily inspired by the spirit of 1980s NYC, B-boys, Michael Jordan, and graffiti writers this collection brings cozy boy essentials a clean and edgy look.” I didn’t get to speak with Teddy last night, but I did get to speak with Ryan who’s apart of the production team. He gave me the rundown on the collection, and inspiration. Aimé which stands for Love, Leon which stands for Lion, and Dore which stands for Theodore. I’m still trying to figure out the connection, but who am I to question? Although I’m not the one to typically purchase sneakers, and/or pretty much anything related. I buy what I like, and I can honestly admit I really liked this collection. It’s such a refreshing feel to walk into a showroom, store and/or press event, and really adore the collection. I get to go home to my sanctuary, and not have to force myself to be polite. I had more than a few favorites from last night’s collection. From the Thick knits to this oversized scarf, the Flannels, this turtle neck pull over it was all so good. With Teddy being born and raised in New York, he “designed a collection that encapsulates the spirit of a city that creates, inspires, and dreams”. Everything was produced in New York City so there’s that great tag line of Made in America. My favorite and all though minor detail that I spotted last night were the gold-plated Aimé Leon Dore tag placed on the back of the flannels.

I hope you find yourself engulfed in my imagery from last night as I will be adding more to this pile later. You can stop by the store from now until Sunday November 23rd, between the hours of 9am – 10pm.