IMG_8953It’s 9:17am, Which is late for some and early for the rest. I was awaken by the beaming sunlight into my room. How’d I fall asleep with my curtain open lord only knows. Being in my earlier twenties I’m afraid of hitting thirty, and even when I do I want the Pharrell Williams effect. Meaning I want to look youthful for decades to come, so this morning I used Nip + Man’s MANOTOX, which is an anti-aging moisturizer. Yes, help me find the fountain of youth. “Don’t Judge my night gear“, okay moving on! The directions call for a clean face, which I had because I don’t put anything on face before bed at night, it keeps the unnecessary build up of oily bacteria’s off of my face. A dry face is a good face to wake up to in my opinion it screams fresh start. Too many chemicals aren’t good for you, but then again I’m no dermatologist although when I was a freshmen in college that was my aspiration. I must admit this is probably the easiest facial treatment you’ll ever use all you’re doing is lathering it into your skin, and watching yourself flow right before your eyes. This treatment calls for use in the morning, and at night, keeping the cycle of a glowing face on a continuum. There’s no need to drag such a simple process out.

To your left is before I rubbed anything on my face, and to your right is a super smooth face, now just one use of this won’t change your destiny and it won’t happen over night so I say use this for about a week or two, and document yourself each day, and then you can start saying that you see the different.