Nip + Man Series, Product 1 “Turbo Face Wash”

IMG_7887So things are about to get real intimate around here. I have a new line of products to test out for you guys, and to give my honest opinion. I was hoping to tackle this all in one day, but this really needs to be tested out in a proper way. The photo you see to your left is a before shot, and today I will be using “Turbo Face Wash” Obviously. Keep in mind this photo was taken as soon as I awoke from sleep so I’ve done absolutely nothing to my face “I Woke Up Like This“. If you haven’t heard of Nip + Man here’s a little story that must be told “Launched in May 2013, Nip + Man has fast become the range of choice for the fitness conscious male. Created by the founder of Rodial Skincare, which was founded in 1999, + its sister brand Nip + Fab, it comes from a family with over 14 years in the industry.After talking to our customers, we realised that men wanted + needed us. They were letting themselves into their girlfriend or wives beauty cabinets and using the Nip + Fab products on offer. The range of products we created incorporate a number of plastic surgery alternatives + is designed to bring out natural contours + improve skin texture.” Now that the introduction to the brand is out of the way it’s time for me to test the product out.IMG_8932 This second photo to your right is me with the product on my face so you guys can see a constant flow of me through the stages of this facial wash. There are six products which means this series will last over the next week or so. Nip + Man sent me “Turbo Face Wash, After-Shave Power Lotion, Anti-Aging Gel moisturizer, Bicep Fix, AB Fix, and Power Workout Fix” I won’t go into detail on each different product today; I’ll save that for the day by day. I’m doing this the correct way. I will be documenting Before & After Photos for you all to see the difference, and let you form your own opinion on if the product is working or not. I really try to push Skincare & Grooming tips for men. It’s all about looking your best, no one wants to date a guy with a face full of acne or dirty nails, etc. Gentlemen I say this to say take care of yourselves. First off, compliments to the team at Nip + Man for creating a facial product with a refreshing smell, and a product that doesn’t live your skin oily.IMG_8934 This is my post-wash face after I’ve followed the proper steps from damping my face, to massaging the product all over my face, and lastly the rinsing of the facial wash with luke warm water, the product has left my face quite tight which is a plus. I know I see the three different stages of my face from beginning to end with this product, and I hope you all see it as well if not then let me know, and I will conduct a video by repeating all three steps! My face smells quite awesome to be honest I can smell the fumes beaming off of my skin. I find it really refreshing to look inside a men’s cabinet, and see facial products of course maybe I’m basis, because that’s what I do for a living I invest in mens products! Stay tuned!IMG_5912