A first from Asymptote

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 10.59.01 PMThis emerging label, designed by WK Jackson, directs mainstays of men’s dressing such as button-downs, and suits, with historical and subtle detailing to create a look that has been often out of reach for quite some time. The brand name ASYMPTOTE alludes to this as the definition explains it as “a line that a curve approaches, as it heads towards infinity.” Silk taffetas, kimonos, and extended shirt collars, pleated scarfs are all examples of the surprising yet minimal aesthetic of the brand. The Spring/ Summer 2015 collection references Alexandre-Gabriel Decamps Turkish merchant paintings from the 1800s and contrasts them with early 1980s sportswear with a nod to Saville Row tailoring. Over the shoulder seaming emphasizes masculine broad shoulders and high-waisted tapered pants further underline the “V” shape of the silhouettes that are then softened by draped and fluid pieces. In today’s world, well let me speak for America since I haven’t exactly experienced the culture of the rest of the world enough to make a generalization; so as I was saying American men would find a hard time accepting these garments as clothes for men. It takes a man who is comfortable, and willing to explore fashion. If you’re reading this then hopefully you’re that open-minded guy I would hope you are. Fashion is all about exploring, and finding yourself. In all honesty from the five photo I’ve present to you two of the looks are actually more masculine than feminine. I want everyone to take a deeper look into Fashion, and not let what isn’t normal make you drift away from what appeals to you.