Details Mag x Hudson Denim After Dark Event

IMG_8845Last night was like an episode of Sex and The City. You know Carrie trying to make it to an event in the rain, all while the wind is blowing and the temperature is in the 30’s. You know it always amazes me that I am actually on the list; I say that because this time two years ago I was a senior in college sitting in a classroom taking notes on a class I probably couldn’t care any less about all while day dreaming about being that guy who gets invited to such affairs. Moving on! The Denim After Dark event was hosted by Adam of Iamgalla at Atrium NYC. One of those boutique stores in the city that sells luxury established street wear brands “a store that takes the price tags off their clothing“. IMG_8863When I first walked in I bumped into a few familiar faces other industry guys that I’ve known since college, the event was already ongoing when I arrived it started at 7pm, and I arrived around 7:30. After a short-lived conversation I went to work although I ended up checking out the rest of the retail that the store offered as well. The Hudson Jean collection is featured around army green, and black with extremely starched premium jeans, and bomber-like jackets that also came in the colors mentioned before. The event was obviously full of fashion influencers, elite, and insiders floating around, and with free alcohol about I’m sure everyone was feeling nice. There was another table off to the side which featured three pieces, a pull over sleeveless sweater paired with a button down shirt, another great pair of denim which just so happened to be blue as opposed to green and/or black, and a black leather bomber jacket. Lets be clear the event wasn’t silent there was a DJ off in the corner by himself blasting some great tunes some of which I haven’t heard since my days in college so it took me back a bit. I enjoyed myself, I always enjoy you know working with clothing, especially menswear and taking it all in on how I am one of those guys who you know words matter a bit. I didn’t stay the entire time I was due at another event that was already ongoing so I had to dash. Thanks Details Magazine & Hudson Jeans for having me, and don’t forget to pick your November issue of Details featuring Brad Pitt.