Colored Coats By Rick Owens.

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 2.20.34 PMI must say this every time I speak of Rick Owens, but it’s so rare to see him experiment with color. Not that I’m complaining I love his all black aesthetic it’s just always a moment “surprise” when I come across garments produced by him in any color besides black. Obivously coats are the item of the season, with Fall falling and winter approaching. Lately I’ve been conjuring up different looks for the winter that I’m currently trying to complete, these things take time when you’re not out shopping everyday. In saying that I’ve really taken a huge liking to cloak-like coats. Yes Cloak, I’ve really been into the coats just that cover you, and you have no idea how you’re going to use your hands; in this case Rick thought of your hands, and designed this coat with appropriate sleeving for your hands. I’d like to think Rick was thinking of two people when designing this coat, being that it comes in two different colors. Burgundy for the people who like color, and this grey color for the people who want to stick close to Rick’s roots. Chime in below, and view the different sides of this COAT/Cloak.