Ernest Alexander Launches Sandro Leather Messenger & Renzo Leather Brief

unnamedA few days ago! Okay a little more than a few days ago I introduced you all to Ernest Alexander; I made a visit to his store on the night he celebrated his induction to the CFDA remember? If so, cool you’re refreshed and now I can move on. If not, Check back two post prior to this one, and read up on it, and then come back to this one. If its one thing I adore it’s bags “man bags” or just bags made for men, because that whole man bag thing is just old. Moving on! I mentioned to you guys before that Ernest was offering some luxury bags at his store, and I thought I’d touch deeper on the subject. unnamed-1 Both the messenger and the brief are limited editions and come in both brown and black. Like everything Ernest Alexander makes, the messenger and the brief are handcrafted in New York, made from Italian hard backed Vachetta leather. So for those citizens who really appreciate that Made in America stamp here’s a present for you! To be honest guys, these are great bags; I’ve seen them in person, and I’ve touched the leather. Ernest crafted these bags extremely well with amazing attention to detail. Click below to view the two different bags!