Blind Barber x Movember “Shave Off”

IMG_8649Friday night John & I found ourselves on the A train downtown towards 14th street with a transfer to the L train to Brooklyn. It was cold & rainy with the latter being an element of Earth that I loathe dearly. Last night Blind Barber hosted an Movember event that featured free shaves, and 2 hour open bar of Budlight Platinum. I decided to attend this event not because I needed a shave being that my facial hair isn’t that serious, but to see what Blind Barber was all about. I always find myself walking pass their East Village location, but never inside mainly because it’s quite awkward to walk into someones business just to take photos, and not invest in their product. With that being said last night was my chance to see what the hype was all about, and be able to document the experience. I know now why their such an establish barbershop, it really is the service that they offer you, and everything that they offer. Most barbershops don’t offer you an array of options that come with a hot shave, and a beer “drink”. Not only do you experience exceptional hospitality the way the shop is set up, and the vibe you get is really ol’ school. The barbershops you always see on television, but never in really life. I had the pleasure of being serviced by Eric “get into the tattoo on his hand in the upper photo. IMG_6812 John found himself in Nigella’s chair “they had this whole natural bond” thing going on, which I’m sure is an awesome feeling. You all know how when I recommend something it’s no second guessing how good it is; my taste level is up there! You all should really visit her instagram page @hairbystylistnigella. Not only does blind barber provide exceptional service they also have their own brand of products that I was tempted to invest in, but I don’t need any more facial products. I took the liberty of documenting more than just our experiences, but also captured other clients, and stylist at work. Enjoy the rest of my footage below! Visit Blind Barber here