Ernest Alexander Celebrates Induction to CFDA

IMG_85836:46pm there I was walking into Ernest Alexander’s store on Thompson street in soho! I had never been so it was a new experience.I spent my time trying to navigate through the crowd as the store is a bit tiny, but it comes with a rather homey feel to it. Perhaps it’s all the wood that lines within the walls of the store.IMG_8585 Oddly enough as I were making my way through the store looking at different merchandise I found myself in Ernest’s face “who is pictured to your right“. I spoke, he spoke; introduced himself, and I did the same. It’s rather awkward meeting someone new when you feel like eighty beady eyes are all on you. In the future I will have to contact his PR to set up an interview. The store comes equipped with a range of leather goods from iPad cases, brief cases, to travel bags. It “the store” also houses an array of premium quality button up shirts, and leather jackets! I personally think I will have to revisit this store another day to get the authentic feel of the environment when a whole event isn’t going on. You know how you visit a store, and just instantly fall in love with the aroma, and aesthetic of it. I didn’t hang around long however. I came in, did my research, took photos, and grabbed a free pretzel or two, and dashed out. Click here to shop Ernest Alexander Browse through the rest of images I captured below.