Shoes I’ve Fallen For. Part I

 1. Pay attention to the title, and you should grasp what I’m getting at. If you happen to not be that bright these are the shoes I need in my life for fall. Each shoes offers something different, and forces you to pay more attention to detail when it’s time to get dressed! It’s creates a fuss for you and spectators don’t you love a conversational piece? If not this list may not be for you, but I’ll see what I can do for you later. Starting off the list of shoes I’ve FALLEN for is Vivienne Westwood with her amazing approach to missing different fabrics together with a rubber body to ensure this shoe is rain, and snow proof. We all love Vivienne for her theatrical mind, and how much love she puts into her menswear collections, and to see search a marvelous boot available for men is such reason as to why I’ve fallen in love. 2. Caught by the color! Yup these color, and the fringes pull me in! The second shoe I’ve fallen for is by Tod’s. You know you like a shoe when you notice the shoe “itself” before the name, and by that I mean “Don’t just purchase a shoe, because it comes with a well-known name” I believe in actually liking the product; with that being said “Tod’s isn’t in any way shape or form an unknown brand. Actually this shoe is perfect for the Fall weather that is currently taking place in New York City. I have to reiterate that it was the color & the fringed! 3. Dolce & Gabbana knows how to catch an eye too! This shoe reminds me of some movie, I can’t pinpoint it at the moment, but for some reason I’m envisioning Tim Burton, which means it must be one of his films. This color block in the shoe red toe, and red heel! Perfection. 4. ‘Atreo’ boots by Moncler Can I be honest? This is going to extremely short, and sweet! It’s the fur, Yeah I know; how shallow right? So what, I like Fur so the I fell for a shoe with some! No Nelly… You’ll catch that reference later. 4. Versace | I must say these are probably the first pair of shoes I’ve ever seen Versace, that doesn’t include the color gold. Freaky right! Look at Donatella over there switching things up. Personally what attracted me to this particular boot was the construction. Get into the shape, with an ultra sexy back heel that’s where 96% of the detailing for this boot lies anyhow.

Disclaimer; These shoes are in no particular order so they aren’t arranged by favorites or anything of that nature! Stay tuned for Part II.