Look Of The Week; Shaggy Brown

MaleCritiqueShaggyBrown Totally not inspired by Scooby Doo. There I was in my room imagining as always, and it dawned on me that I haven’t done a “Look of the Week” in about three weeks, which is totally not okay. Yet my vision was clouded by thoughts of Paris, and what will I wear. Perfect time to practice right. I’m inspired by the simple things to be honest. I’ve really been into Saint Laurent boots lately so I built this look around a pair of Saint Laurent boots. I have also noticed that I’ve been into the color brown so with those two variables Shaggy Brown was born. Starting the look with a coat which if you’re in New York City it’s time to start investing. This coat as you see above is from Zara, and is absolutely a great investment if you already have a black and/or blue coat already if you don’t own either of those I suggest waiting, but who am I kidding you can always find a black or blue coat these Checkered pattern coats don’t come around often, and when they do; they aren’t usually less than $300 so this time my friend you are a lucky man! I’ve been secreting dying for a pair of Balmain jeans, don’t ask why because the price definitely isn’t why I want a pair. In every persons life we all want something, and have no real explanation of why you want it, you just do. Unfortunately for moi this occurs more often than not in my life; however my explanation could be that I work in Fashion, and I love brands for deeper reasons. Believe it or not at first the sweater I was using was navy blue, but it just wasn’t doing enough for me so I started looking for a brown sweater, but not your typical tan, off-white sweater, but an actual brown sweater with some type of characteristic to it, and I happen to come across my pal Junya Watanabe who just happens to stay on my radar. You simply just don’t know me if you think I’m planning a look with out complimenting it with a bag, and this time the bag happened to be Gucci, this photo just doesn’t do the bag justice you really need to check this out in person.

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