The Latest From TIMBERLAND “The Boot”

_MG_0956 copyTimberland’s Hazel Highway collection brings back the Super Boot that debuted in 1979. To celebrate the place where the boot first started to gain traction, Timberland teamed up with KnowUse and Street Etiquette to take the same journey down the I-95 corridor from Boston to Baltimore._MG_0702 copy There’s so much history to the Timberland Boot Brand. I may not be familiar with all of it; however Timberland for me at least stems all the way back to the 90’s the era I was born in, and Hip-Hop. All the latest Rappers were sporting a pair. I remember my first pair of Timberlands, they weren’t the wheat color, I actually ended up with a pair of Burn’t Orange Timberlands back in eight grade. Today in light of social media Timberland is everywhere with credit being given to different people of course, but all that matters is the fact that this brand is alive, and well. I always found it quite odd how people in Florida love Timberlands so much “excluding people who need them for work” but for those of us who don’t Timberland is always on people’s list of new shoes for the next school year “mainly the south florida residents”. Hazel Highway Collection: The limited edition collection has launched online and features Krymp leather, one of the toughest on the market, with details taken directly from this original Super Boot. This new campaign features a familiar face at least to me anyhow. Mr.Eliezer Infante; always see this guy at New York City’s Fashion events, and NYFW.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 10.59.28 PM
Don’t Stray away just yet, I have more insight for you all. Timberland’s most recent collaboration includes San Francisco-based street wear brand Black Scale to make the Timberland x Black Scale collection. “The collection produced three styles that include the fundamental elements of the iconic Timberland 6-inch boot and Black Scales’ edgy, “mysterious but balanced” approach to fashion.Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 10.59.05 PM Style highlights include an exclusive tiger camo collar print to represent the urban jungle, “V” stitching on the vamp, and a pop of red at the back pull tabs. Obviously I haven’t been paying attention, because I’ve missed the memo about this brand “Black Scale” it seems to be all the rave with over 140,000 followers on Instagram this guy is definitely doing something the right way, and then to team up with Timberland; your influence has to be extremely strong. I took my time to do a little more research, and Black Scale has so many fans people were actually preordering these boots which I definitely applaud. Coming in a few different color ways this collaboration is offering a pick for all of us. I think I’m next in line for the wheat version of this collaboration I really like the simple detailing of the “BLVCK” on the tongue of this boot. Hey Timberland send me a pair I’ll be waiting. Hopeful, Hopeful Rashad. You can shop Black Scale’s collaboration here