Boring Clothes Affecting Your Mood?

Is your job a bore? Maybe it isn’t the people. Maybe it isn’t the environment. Maybe it isn’t what you do for a living. Perhaps, just perhaps it’s the clothing! Corporate America I’m speaking to you, but this time you aren’t alone. I’ve worked in an environment that wasn’t corporate at all, but 95% of the people lacked in the style department. Clothes can really change an atmosphere when everyone around takes pride in how they look it makes the office more engaging. Perhaps creates a secret competition, but we’re grown and unless you’re working in the Fashion industry all caddy acts should be nonexistent! A place where everyone looks the same is pretty much boring unless of course you where a uniform to work then your uniform could either be boring or very nice. For instance, take a place like Zara. Zara employees wear a uniform “Black suits” unless you’re the manager, but the employees look like they’re about business they come off professional but in a very sleek way. Now let’s take an environment like H&M. The employees are hmm “to work in Fashion, doesn’t mean you have style” and I’ll leave it at that. Now let’s compare that to Barney’s or Bergdorf Goodman. These high-end retailers don’t have uniforms for their employees however when working in a such a store one knows a thing or two about style or at least how to clean up enough to make-believe they do. I was recently told that Neiman Marcus makes you sign a contract that deals with keeping your appearance up to par? That’ll keep you in line. 

What I’m getting at is your appearance “clothes” in this instance definitely affects your mood whether you’re a guy of girl sure “males” are less likely to admit it, but if his shoes get stepped on watch his actions. If his hair isn’t cut watch him look for a hat or feel unattractive. Clothes, whether people believe it or not play a huge role in your life unless of course you’re one of those people who finds fashion silly and only shop when your clothes start ripping apart. A good-looking guy or girl can spice up a conversation or create one and it’s not even how he looks physically, but what he’s wearing. I studied Political Science, and Pre-Law in college believe me I know a boring suit when I see one. If you just so happen to be in corporate America and/or work in a dress coded environment it’s levels to black, greys, and blues. It has to suck knowing that you “guy” look just you her “that” girl in the same boring gray suit that you found at Burlington and so did she just in a female version.