Mark McNairy New Amsterdam Spring 2015 Menswear

Every season! Everyone menswear editor, stylist, blogger, guru and those one day inspiring to be one of those people make sure their calendars are marked for Mark McNairy’s show. One of the chosen menswear shows, then again there’s so few of them they all become chosen, and hard to get into. All the big boys attend this show! Believe it or not, my first Menswear show was Mark McNairy back in February 2013. I was so excited I ran into so many familiar faces at that show. On to the collection,UMB0003 Mark caters to all the cool kids with a nickname of McNasty how could he not. Take this look to my right, Look 3 in the Lookbook if you’re wanting to search for it. How is this not a statement piece? It’s honestly what I expect from Mark, along with the sleeveless desert camo varsity jacket, tie-dye shorts suit, plaid jacket, large polka, and a multicolored shirt jacket that also made it way down the runway. Probably the most notable feature in Mark’s shows is the one select rapper he uses each season. This time he featured Travis Scott, I can admit I haven’t heard any of his music.UMB0008 Perhaps I’m not cool enough? Am I missing anything? I guess it’s time I give him a listen. If you flip through the collection you start to realize how “cool” each guy, and girl looks. I need this factor in my life, the touch of McNairy. Let’s speed this up a bit. Pay attention to the suits as your passing through the collection. I am deeply in love with the slouchiness that is involved in the suit pants. Casual suiting for the cool kid who likes to sag, but not really. Not only in the suit pants, but if you focus your attention on the jeans shorts you come across once you get to look 8 you start to see the slouch again? Is this new age sagging? A proper way for the guys who like to sag; to sag without the showing of your undergarments? An illusion of some sort? I keep referencing the cool kid, because who else could pull off a Tie-die suit? I’ll admit I might not even be that guy. Wait, wait! I’m kidding I’m here to take an ensemble and make it worthy. If you’ve been following Mark like I have, one attribute he offers and you can surely appreciate from him is his sense of grittiness. Hence “McNasty” pay attention to how he always adds a touch of vulgarity to his collection. A t-shirt that states “Shitty T-shirt” what other designer is willing to do that? Mark McNairy took this collection from Jockey, Cool, Outsider, and back to Cool again. Indulge in the rest the selected looks below.