Robert Geller Spring 2015 Menswear Collection

_LKV9118As I flipped through Robert’s Spring 2015 menswear LookBook all I could think about was how soon can I get my hand on one of those hats these models were sporting. I’m going to start off early in this review, and just let you all know that this was my favorite menswear collection from NYFW. The brushstrokes of paint that Robert himself said “didn’t come easy “are a fantastic touch. I love the paint much more with the tan & purple looks over the black and white looks. There are times in life when some things just look perfect, but of course nothing is perfect right? Right, but it can look perfect and have a flaw somewhere else._LKV9137 As I continued flipping through I fell more and more in love I want all 30 looks in my closet and I’ll wear a new one every other day so it last me two months in stead of one. I wouldn’t say this collection is casual it’s a step or two up from that but not quite high as formal. Absolutely cool is what it is. The models looked extremely comfortable in these clothes and I’m sure they felt masculine as well. Look 3 to your right” was my favorite at the beginning of the LookBook. The styling was executed perfectly even as some of the looks were more sophisticated than others I still appreciate all of it. I hate to break it to you Astelle, but none of these were American boys; okay I’m bluffing how would I know that?_LKV9209 What I’m really saying is that these aren’t looks of American boys it’s very European until a guy in New York gets his hands on it. The colorist for this collection did an excellent job if I must say so myself. Once more I need these titled German inspired hats in my life. I realized once I get to look 11 that although the brushstrokes of paint made a statement, there was a lot of minimalism in this collection if you pay attention you catch onto that and how oversized the collection begins to come. I appreciate the showing of the socks, and not just a bit of the ankle, but these length of the pants made you pay attention to the socks. This goes to show you how they paid attention to every single detail of each look. I know this collection is for next Spring, but how is this not perfect for the weather we’re starting to experience in New York City right now. Robert you did a superb job with this entire collection. This whole collection is a must see, with that being said I’ll keep you here so you can enjoy the rest of it below.