The Too Long Tie

tom-cheney-men-with-oversized-neckties-in-barber-shop-getting-them-trimmed-new-yorker-cartoon Is there anything worse than a “too long tie“? That question is pretty much rhetorical of course they are worse things, such as the wrong drink from Starbucks or finding out when you’re home getting undressed that the back of your pants had a spot on them, and no one thought to point it out to you. On the contrary ties below the belt really grind my gears. It’s one thing to be a kid in high school or college, and your tie is too long; perhaps you haven’t learned the rules yet. However being an upperclassmen in college, in graduate school or completely done with school and your tie is below your belt is preposterous.

Can you fault the uneducated? This is one of those questions that start another question. How do you know that they aren’t educated? Just because you know better, doesn’t mean you do better. Sure, we’d all like that to be the case; however it isn’t always or shall I say most of the time it isn’t the case. Being a lover of menswear I find myself looking every man up and down just to take a glance at what he’s wearing. My shades usually serve as my window so most people don’t notice. I do this as way to improve myself, meaning 99% percent of the time I keep my opinion to myself I’m not a noted Fashion Guru so would they want my opinion? First off, did they ask for it? There has been times where I had to share a tip or two. I’ve been the victim of the tie being too long. Nobody’s Perfect – Que the J.Cole. During my freshmen year of college I had on an extremely long time, and it wasn’t tied wrong it’s just an extremely long tie that I purchased from Express back in 2009, I still have it and I still find difficulty getting it to shrink without fattening my knot too much.

Can we implement gender classes or classes that actually matter in life in public education K-12? Sure it can be an elective class that is taught in high school. I always wondered why the school systems don’t teach us how to balance a check book, change a tire on a car, build credit, and how to keep from ruining it? Things that will actually benefit us in life instead of you know 4 years of “History” What else is there to be taught about the founding fathers? If they offered a gentleman class all boys would know how to change tires, how to tie their ties, etc. Can we blame the fathers? Sure I could blame mine, he didn’t teach me how to tie a tie; it was a woman who taught me, and I remember who she was, and where I was at. I spoke on this just to say if you see me and your tie is below your belt. I’m looking, but I’m not judging I never judge “laughs out loud” Hey guy! When you wake up in the morning, if you’re throwing on a tie always remember if it’s below your belt buckle it’s too long you need to redo it or end up looking rather hmmm “uneducated.”