Todd Snyder Spring 2015 Menswear Collection

_LKV6437Snyder, a former architecture student who knows a lot about building a collection around the same thing if you understand. From what I saw from my architecture buddies while I was in college, was that the design all starts out the same when you get to the live building of the object all in that same white; off-white color just standing there sort of like a building under construction. Each season, the Todd; the Midwesterner sticks to the basics—which in many ways proves to be a smart move, as even though menswear is evolving; men outside of the fashion industry still long for the basics, and not too much when it comes to their clothing. _LKV6487Snyder focused on “modern leisure,” Key looks? I’d like to think his minimalist, and neutral-palettes instantly became apparent in a glen plaid Harrington jacket, sepia brown leather zip-up bomber, cashmere sweaters, and those perforated white sneakers. As I looked through the collection I started spying t-shirts a first for Todd; although he’s the designer go to guy for classic, and casual basics he never does t-shirts so that was a surprise. You started seeing cardigan’s with full on formal get up being paired with more relaxed items such as shorts. Seems only Todd can get away with murder by pairing sweatpants with blazers “matching” of course. One can’t forget the shiny emerald-green jacket that made its way down the runway. I’d also like to point out that there’s something very adult about Todd Snyder collections. Stay with me now! What I’m saying is some designer collections seem very youthful, and playful while some seem way far left. Todd however manages to dress what one would consider to be a grown man. A guy who handles his business, has everything in order but keeps away from being too formal or too flashy. Just a regular guy who just likes to look nice.