Orley Spring 2015 Runway Collection

When I think of the Orley Spring 2015 collection the first person that came to mind was Napoleon Dynamite. It’s like an upgraded version of his wardrobe which is a compliment of course. Whether that was the direction the designers were going in or not I like it, and it’s quite a few looks from this collection I will have to soon recreate for myself. Obviously Orley is known for being this uber luxe knitwear label, and that goes without being said if you’re into Fashion; maybe you aren’t though and you here on MaleCritique slowly letting me school you on all things I love. Hip isn’t the word for this brand, it’s a word out there thank I can’t seem to gather up at the moment, but this brand caters to a certain type of guy.Orley_005_1366 The guy you went to middle, and high school with and he always looked as if his mom made him wear the clothes he had on. Although they looked nice, he didn’t seem to happy to be wearing them. It’s that guy, but with a twist the guy I’m referring to bought these clothes. He was browsing online and/or in some store and said yes that is so me. Excuse me can I get these in a size 32? Not many guys admit to purchasing polo “style” shirts today unless it’s Polo Ralph Lauren. This collection also reminds me of the American Apparel guy, except this collection is going to retail for way more than anything American Apparel offers, but American Apparel customer is also Orley’s customer, but the Orley guy has a bit more change to burn. It’s something about super short shorts on a guy. Can every guy pull it off, and/or get away with it? This line thrives on comfort, all the items are so relaxed and look easy to move in. The type of clothing that you don’t worry about how you’re sitting on the couch, because you’re just that comfortable, and not worried about a stitch coming out-of-place. I’d like to think I inspired brothers Alex and Matthew designers” of Orley; I say that, because I was doing that whole scrunchy sock thing years ago so much for me being ahead of my time. From plaids, to scrunchy socks, Italian fabrics, to ankle length pants. Can I just come out and say that I love the simplicity of this collection? Reminds me of the days when one didn’t have to worry about carrying their phone charger around with them. Do you remember those days? If not, you’ve missed out on life my friend. Thoughts on Napoleon’s school clothes?