What’s Surfing at Saturdays NYC

IMG_0799A safe haven for surfers abroad and local; then again if you aren’t a surfer, it serves as a well priced clothing store that offers you a latte while you shop. Here I was in the city having some me time, and Saturdays was on my itinerary for the day. Being that I was in Soho I stopped by that location first. The store isn’t on Broadway so you won’t run into it unless you venture off the tourist track, and explore the blocks a bit more you’ll find it on 31 Crosby Street. One step inside the door, and the surfboards hit you in the face; kidding that’s an exaggeration, but the boards are the focal point and while I was walking in one was being purchased.IMG_7982 I was there searching for an item I had seen online that I just had to have no matter what, but before I bothered an associate I paraded through the garments documenting amazing pieces. If you recall I did a look of the week, a week or two ago and I included a Saturdays NYC raincoat, and it was just as good in person as it looked online. Corduroy Jackets, Color-blocked knit sweaters, pin strip button ups, wallets, half-zip wallets, belts, shoes, bags and more are among the many items offered. What I appreciate most from stores, and clothing stores at that is good quality clothing. There’s nothing worse than an item being $200, and it feels like you purchased it at a low-end fast fashion retailer.satarrow In the back of store by the cash register at the Crosby Street location store; were a rack full of button up shirts in shades of grey nestled in the corner. I found my favorite shirt of the moment; the pin-stripe shirt look closely as I pointed it out for you. I don’t usually deem stores to be my favorite unless I can check out in person, and I’m glad to say it was a great experience. There’s a variety of items that I want to purchase from this store, surprisingly I was really into their t-shirts, and I’m not usually that guy; perhaps being in such a laid back store brought out the chill in me? It seems I wasn’t the only guy wanting the item I saw online, because it was sold out at the Soho store, so I had to hitch a ride over to the West Village, to purchase the item, which ultimately gave me an excuse to browse through the clothing again, and enjoy the scenery. Can I speak on the staff for a minute? Very nice guys at both locations from Soho to the West Village I even held a conversation with one guy at the Soho location. If there was anything Saturdays could do to keep me coming back, they knew it! They happen to be the only store that I know of who offers the “Mr.Porter Post” newspaper. Visit SATURDAYS here http://www.saturdaysnyc.com