Meet Billy; Billy Reid & His Spring 2015 Collection

_LKV8253Who knows more about designing for the heat other than a designer from the south? The South, a place where it may get cold, but it definitely gets hot, and hot with 90% chance of humidity alongside it. When designing a collection for the heat you automatically think of lighter fabrics and linens. Loose-fitting clothing so yourself and the clothes can breathe, because there’s this thing called sweat, and no one likes to do that unless you’re working out. Meet Billy, Billy Reid during his Spring 2015 collection runway show, you got to see the temperature translate into the clothing. Offering a more feminine feel with the very flowing clothing._LKV8307 Now I say feminine, because I’m sure all of us can attest to the fact that men now shop in the womenswear section with no regards to being seen doing so, and women have been stealing our wardrobes for decades; with that comes the intertwine of the two genders. Billy alluded to the fact that this actually happens in his stores whether it’s him or the people who work for him who are reporting these claims obviously it’s happening. Now you may look at this collection and go spring okay I can see that depending on your location and geographical climate, but for summer you may go “no, no, no” too many layers and I could agree with that, but for a New Yorker like myself we would love every ounce of this clothing until things started heating up in June. I however happen to adore layers and a well executed layered look. For instance take the first look I’ve shown which Is actually look three “3” in the LookBook. Although this features a blazer, button up shirt, and denim trousers everything is loose-fitting. Pay attention to how the blazer isn’t tailored to exact proportion of the body leaving you with breathing room to stretch and letting air flow through. Oversized button up still playing on the fact that you need room and space, and the tailored but no so skinny trouser so you don’t feel the denim brushing up against your skin.BillyReidMC Everything about this collection seems and is so cool, calm, and collected. Three adjectives everyone wants and strives to be. What I’ve been noticing lately is a lot of brands are prancing away from the normal pastel colors, and settling in with the earth tones, everything has been so neutral lately, and that’s a breath of fresh air huh Miranda? Ground breaking? No, but a relief indeed. Thanks Bill!