PROJECTO MENTAL s/s 2015 Collection… in living color

imageMaleCritique ALWAYS loves finding out about NEW and exciting talent so when we got the chance to attend the spring summer 2015 runway show of PROJECTO MENTAL we instantly fell in love with their statement making collection. From the detail oriented mens suiting to the really awesome sock selection Projecto Mental was on a mission to shake things up! What seemed to make Projecto Metal’s collection so good was the juxtaposition of a classic menswear aesthetic to that of a forward thinking line. Being able to appease the most tailored gentleman to the most outlandish they crafted a collection that was no one trick pony! It’s very refreshing to see a menswear collection so daring to break the mold but still at its core remain menswear! So I can only say bravo and hope to see more from these two talented designers who make up Projecto Mental.

Take me a look at some of our favorite looks below!image