NAMM New York Spring 2015

IMG_7653-1Something New! Ever seen that movie? If not, check it out! New York Fashion has come and gone, and everyone is playing Ketchup “Catch Up”! I was invited to attend NAMM New York Spring 2015 show. Picture it leaving one show one show in midtown that was schedule to start at 4pm, but didn’t start on time. Of course not right! Show ended around 4:33pm now I needed to make it to Soho by 5pm for this show, and things just weren’t moving fast enough!There’s something very inspirational about a new designer! You get to watch them grow if you understand what I’m saying! Everyone always wants the next Marc Jacobs or with recent success another Public School, but I wasn’t around to get to watch these brands build themselves well okay I was but I wasn’t paying attention, but look at Public School winning the CFDA really put them on the Map! Today I’m shining light on a new designer Ron Wallace, and his brand NAMM New York. IMG_7654-1I have to be honest and say I wasn’t quite sure what to expect it’s always a juggle when it comes to new talent; however I was pleasantly surprised when the models started making their way down the runway! The first model I photographed came out wearing an open blazer with matching shorts, for Florida this would be a perfect Spring look, but New York just so happens to still be quite cold during Spring. I really adore the accented lapel collar on this blazer.IMG_7655-1 The next model I captured came out in a denim on denim look but paired with shorts instead of a pant/jeans. Honestly this was probably my favorite look. What I appreciate most is that the designer really kept away from too much Leather. It’s like an overkill with emerging designers. Yes I know Leather is trending, but it’s like “hey, create your own trend” so I applaud Ron for not following the direct route of what the instagramers want. Funny I speak of leather, and here it comes down the runway obviously it cannot be avoided, but this look didn’t bother me much I actually enjoyed the jacket , it was extremely nice, had a very nice shine to it. I find there are two type of people when it comes to leather. People who want old “worn in” vintage leather jackets, and people who want new shiny leather jackets. I’m always down for the “new, new” – ATL. Shop NAMM New York Here

3 responses to “NAMM New York Spring 2015

  1. I usually don’t care for this whole leather trend myself , but it looks really nice right here, and the denim on denim look is a good one as well.

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