MaleCritique Takes NYFW; Nicholas K Spring 2015 RTW

IMG_7097IMG_9533The boys of MaleCritique were up early Thursday morning as we made our way to Lincoln Center to get seated at the Nicholas K show. We were presented with what it seemed to be safari takes on explorer “traveler” the music played in well with the collection. A collection that possessed a level of confidence and power; even in the model’s walks you can see that it was meant to be taken seriously. This wardrobe totally reminded me of the movie The Mummy, and not in the sense of looking for the mummy, but in the sense of the women being dressed like one of the characters in the movies “Johnathan” the brother who couldn’t fight, but was really money hungry.NKKYou know how you can tell a designer, by their such look and what they’re know for? Brother-and-sister Christopher and Nicholas Kunz know how to execute that with leather shawls, scrunched-up cargo pants, harnesses and knee guards everything you need out in Africa as an explorer huh? Besides the leather I’m sure everything is perfect for the heat, picture it; the cargo pants you need just because that’s what you wear to safari’s that like deemed the essential item, and then a harnesses for perhaps your weapons and/or hanging high, and Knee guards just in case you have to get down & dirty to crawl.

With perfect and very polished draping with equally just as perfect silks the woman who finds herself dawning these looks while exploring well have more to worry about than just to the heat. Let me just say! I hope poachers, don’t come across such a beautiful lady! They might try to steal her garments! NK2