Look Of The Week; Color Water Resistant

LOTWColor 2 Somedays I dream of genie, and I ask him/her for sun in the city, my room fights for it with the building in front of window blocking my view and the direct light. Soon the sun will faded and the days will basically always be night with about 8 hours of sunlight for the whole day in the city who doesn’t love a pitch black sky at 4pm in the afternoon? With this type of change comes change in climate, and the climate that’s approaching includes rain and snow? Perfect right? Maybe just the snow I prefer that over the real rain anyday. Are your prepared for Jehovah return? Wait stop! Are you prepared for the wintry months that are upon us? No ! Well gather round children! Zip it! Listen! Or in your case read!

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We all want to stay dry during this weather, but how we do we that without falling into darkness with an all black look for the next 6 months? Here children I’ve put together a luxe color water-resistant look for you. Keeping you warm and dry without the dull and darkness of Gotham !
I started off with a coat because duh! It will be cold & wet, you automatically start with a coat of some sort. I went with a neighborhood brand http://www.saturdaysnyc.com I just couldn’t pass up on this high yellow rain coat. Since I’ve been speaking of cold rainy days, and not hot rainy days, I found the perfect sweater as far as pairing of color goes, as well as the fit with this SATIN-LINED CHUNKY-KNIT WOOL SWEATER from SACAI http://www.mrporter.com/mens/designers/sacai. I’m really into denim as of late. I never really paid much attention until I started tailoring my denim back during my senior year of college might’ve been junior year I can’t pin point; anyhow I specifically looked for a perfect pair of denim from A.P.C just to off set the brightness in this vibrant look.

Click photo for direct link to item. Say you don’t want to walk with the hood of your rain coat on your head every time you step outside, maybe it’s a cool, wet, rainy, and bad hair day for you, so I found a luxe Navy blue beanie that we all need to invest in from LANVIN http://www.lanvin.com/e-lanvin/US/. Umbrellas start to lose their purpose, and strength when the weather is bad, and the wind is strong. You spend more time trying to save, and protect it than it does keeping you from getting too wet, at least the upper part of your body anyhow; however I found the perfect multi-colored umbrella just for this occasion from FRANCESCO MAGLIA. Now for the bag, oh yes the bag. I found this OLD SCHOOL SATCHEL BAG from Band of Players http://www.bandofplayers.us to keep your delicate items dry, and unharmed by the gruesome weather. The color also enhances this look with the full navy body that compliments the jeans, and beanie; with the tan accents complimenting the sweater.Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 4.24.57 AM To complete the entire look I went with two-toned GINKO LEATHER and CANVAS LACE-UP BOOTS from HESCHUNG http://www.mrporter.com/mens/designers/heschung. The ultimate shoe to bring the entire look together. You will not go without notice on this gloomy day that is approaching in the coming months in the city.