Do You Make Up?

126010511During my last visit to Sephora I ran across make up for men? What’s your take on that? Is it too much what’s the difference between a woman wearing make up that’s made for women, and a guy wearing make up that’s made for men? In all honesty I don’t make up, I have what they call a natural glow! Dig that? How about those who aren’t as fortunate and need to freshen up their faces with something? Id like to think of this as another form of grooming? What’s with this “Idea” of what a man is supposed and not supposed to do? Where do those barriers break? Too deep for you right now? This isn’t about controversy right now, I’m simply inquiring on whether you make up or not? Does it make you feel feminine or is it just too much? Are we still in the days of men are supposed to get dirty, and not worry about how they look or smell, that’s what being a man is all about right? It was once a word that I think died out after men really started admitting they actually do pay attention to how they look that word was called “Metrosexual“. Hated that word such a label when people claim they loathe labels. Okay enough of my rant. Do you make up or not? There was once a guy who wasn’t afraid to let the world know they he cared about his appearance and not just cared; it was a routine check every five minutes it seemed. Remember our pal Johnny Bravo from the Cartoon Network? I don’t think Johnny wore make up, but he did spend an extended amount of time in the bathroom, more particularly the mirror. Maybe you don’t make up, but there are plenty of guys who do obviously because places like Sephora are now selling make up for me, and even designers are starting cosmetic lines for men such as Tom Ford.

Is it still taboo to admit you’re into yourself, I mean if not you then who else? Not saying a man has to walk around with his make up kit in his car or bag or whatever his carries his other necessities in, but so what if he did? Is he less of a man, because he wears make up?