Back 2 School “Guys”

The school year has arrived although everyone hasn’t started yet, it’s basically here. Summer is almost over, and hello Autumn. We’ve all been through it. The Back 2 School shopping. In grade school we all wanted the fanciest crayon boxes, coolest Jansport backpacks, most expensive calculators, but’s let shift this. If you’re reading this, and you’re still in grade school i.e 12th grade, and under then you may be a bit left out as I’m not talking about those things I just listed, but a new form of Back 2 School supplies. What exactly do you need when it’s time for another year of school? Let’s assume you have the obvious “Computer, New Clothes, School Supplies” but let’s take a different route this is for those who desire another level of “Back 2 School Essentials” How about that case you need for your iPad? Which one do you pick “4 choices” lets assume price doesn’t matter and make it more fun umkay?

What about those shoes you just need for the school year ? No shoes you say? Fine what about that watch that you been saving up for? Okay! I have a watch I don’t wear it. Like I haven’t even touched it and I think it’s like stopped ticking so I need to reset it, but I lost the instructions, but I use to have one that I wore everyday by Kenneth Cole; however I suggest a watch if you don’t substitute with a bracelet or other accessories. A bare hand is just quite a bore nowadays. Now I know I said let’s pretend price doesn’t matter, but we all know it does so I’m offering 4 options 2 lows, and 2 highs! Now when I said low it isn’t $100 or less, but it’s less than $300 and I think for a watch, a good solid watch at that; that those are reasonably priced. I appreciate a good bracelet I have my go to bracelet I wear when I’m not wearing anything else or when I put on black so it frequents the city with me often. We all want something that we’re proud to have. It doesn’t have to be gaudy, uber expensive, or shiny, it just has to make you appreciate it, and want to wear it. Here I picked out 4 different bracelets all 3 out of 4 any frugal person wouldn’t mind buying. “I just had an epiphany I need to go to Tiffany’s.” Although these bracelets may look huge in size through the computer screen they’re actually pretty small not causing too much unwanted attention to your hand.
I’d like to think everything is equally important. Wait, fragrance out weighs a lot of things. Even if you can’t afford to have multiple items for your return to school, you should always have at least two bottles of cologne so you can alternate throughout the days, as well as your everyday fragrance, and the one you only wear on special occasions. Don’t you want to walk into that classroom full of people and take command! No you don’t sit in the back of the classroom you sit In the front let them watch, and wonder!