Look of the Week: The Perfect Patch

JW There I was in my sanctuary on a dimly lit day, or is that what the building blocking all the sun makes it seem like? I think it’s the latter. Moving on, there I was browsing this thing we call the internet, trying to focus on Fashion Week looks. Every time I decided to sit down, and prep I get distracted by something else, and I never got around to it; still as I write this I haven’t gotten around to it. Okay Rashad, make your point! Point is I wanted to talk about each of these five items, but it dawned on me that I could just turn all five of these items into one look I would love to wear, missing a few items of course i.e socks, hat, tie?

Here’s the break down four of these items are by the same designer. At the moment I’m fascinated by patchwork, and who better than Junya Watanabe for the perfect patchwork?

Here I made the four items by Junya clickable for those who want a better view of each item. Starting with the PANELLED JACKET, if you pay attention you see the patchwork detail throughout with different fabrics from the top pocket to the two bottom pockets and onto the patches on the elbow of the jacket. To keep an unceasing flow instead of giving up, and just throwing on a t-shirt I picked out this PATCHWORK COTTON AND CHECK WOOL SHIRT which in a perfectly imperfect way matches the jeans to keep the patchwork detailing a flow throughout the entire look. Bringing everything back to the start of the entire look I chose this SEIL MARSCHALL LEATHER-TRIMMED BACKPACK that just so happens to be quilted which refers back to the Panelled Jacket from the start.Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 3.14.20 PM If you’re paying close attention in which I do say, I hope you are you; then you when looking at these GRENSON, G-LAB BURNISHED-LEATHER AND SUEDE WINGTIP BROGUES, you see the contrast in fabrics used to construct these fantastic shoes, keeping a constant contrast throughout the entire look.