The Sunstruck: Bringing The Shades to You

Conor Harrigan (2) There’s a certain truck parading the city of New York, and it’s not for parking tickets! There’s a thousand Food trucks, but only one Sunstruck. Started by husband and wife, Shaun and Rachel Moss Sunstruck launched this summer. A custom-built 100% hand-made mobile sunglass outfitter of the food truck generation pioneering on-the go-retail, and when I say on the go I mean on the go! From Brooklyn to Manhattan and if you understand how bad traffic can get here in the city then you understand how much dedication comes with that back & forth drive.Conor Harrigan (1) SunsTruck delivers a vast selection of unique brands like Illesteva, WildFox, Mink Pink, Proof, Le Spec and a hand-picked selection of vintage frames, inside the coolest mobile truck in Manhattan! I actually stopped by the Sunstruck on one Hot & Humid Manhattan day over in Flatiron. Reading about such a thing, doesn’t actually do the it justice. There are times in life when one must experience to get the just of what’s really going on, and that’s exactly what I did, even meeting with Shaun and briefly discussing why he wanted to start a truck instead of a retail store, and also how he finds parking for such a large vehicle everyday. Conor Harrigan When you first walk in the truck it’s a bit overwhelming you want to look at everything all at once, but you actually have to pace yourself, and take your time, because if you don’t you might pass by The Marc By Marc Jacobs glasses he has in his inventory. It’s amazing to see one skip out on the idea of another version of Sunglass Hut, and completely take the store from inside to out! That’s what New York is all about right? Being Different! If you live in New York City I suggest you pay more attention to your surroundings whether you’re a Williamsburg kid or a Manhattan kid, and even the other three boroughs for that matter. Don’t just take my word for it, if you happen to spot this truck stop in, or peak from the outside I’m sure it’ll make for an experience of shopping “REAL” goods on the streets instead of the stuff you pass while walking on Canal!