The Celebrities Who Love Abbot + Main

Untitled-1 This is a First, times two! A first time for MaleCritique featuring Abbot+Main, and a first time for us featuring celebrities. Are we on a new path? Perhaps, Perhaps not!? I’m sure this is special for our Los Angeles readers! Over in Hollywood the boys are all being seen wearing Abbot+Main. Abbot+Main bringing sand to the beach, using the laid-back spirit of the Los Angeles beach scene with elevated, delightfully soft-handed fabrications and thoughtful design elements. “Abbot + Main represents ‘the perfect closet’: a truly covetable knit collection offering a versatile take on casual luxury.” Super light-weight clothing made especially for the climate in Los Angeles. I wonder if Florida is still just too hot, and humid for this apparel? Los Angeles has the perfect weather we all know this, and when you have perfect weather 98% of the year why not just walk around like nothing even matters. Say yes I’m going to put on this t-shirt, and you’re going to deal with it! Brands like Abbot + Main benefit greatly when you have these A-list Actors, and Musicians lounging around or partying in their clothing, and I’m sure you can ask anyone of these guys what they love most about this brand, and I’m sure they would say how soft the fabric is. Abtmain I’m not too sure this clothing would keep you dry enough if you lived in Twilight land up in Forks, Washington, but our Pal from the Movie Twilight seems to be more than comfortable in his attire even when he’s being photographed by paparazzi I’m sure! To be honest I think Emmett or Kellan whichever you prefer and I have something in common, because we both we’re attracted to the same garment/s I however adore the whole look while Emmett switched out his bottoms for a denim pant.abtmm Does this not read comfort to you? I’m telling now you definitely check into this Brand, even on those cold winter nights that are slowly approaching New York City this will be of great use! At least in the house anyhow! Shop Abbot+Main Here

3 responses to “The Celebrities Who Love Abbot + Main

  1. you know I liked the fact that you didn’t feature celebrities, and, but I do like the shirt in the 4th picture with the bent “plus” sign

  2. the look I like the most would have to be the guy in the second photo.. it’s the coolest look to me

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