Karmaloop Finds; Herschel Laptop Sleeve

IMG_6251 So I had to take a personal day to handle business, which led me to the Starbucks down the block from my building, I had so many press emails, and request to go through, and sort out. I rarely take my laptop with me nowadays I just rather not, and also it’s just safer to leave it in my room; however this day called for a breath of fresh air for ALICE “My Mac” Now Another thing that sucks is that I broke the top half of my Mac case so I really needed to leave it home, being that I didn’t have anything to put it to protect it, besides a bag; but now I have this Laptop sleeve that I adore from Herschel. DSC05303 Bare with me I know this may sound extremely corny, being that it’s just a sleeve, but I adore the color pretty much why I picked this out anyhow I can recall myself being like “Look at that color I need that, it’ll go good with something I wear one day”. If you’re interested this particular laptop sleeve you can click here for the direct link http://www.karmaloop.com/product/The-Anchor-15-Laptop-Sleeve-in-Seafoam-Black/482241, and if you need other color options once you reach Karmaloop just continue browsing, but I highly suggest this color, then again I know you don’t want to be like me ;).