Zara’s Autumn/Winter Fate

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 2.03.04 AM I say FATE, because this is whats soon to come to a store near you or if you live in the boonies, then you’re only a click away from accessing these goodies. By now Zara’s a big enough name for you to know about just like forever 21 & H&M. Granted they’re aren’t as many Zara’s as the other two companies, but maybe they don’t need to have as many; Zara makes might not survive in lets say Kentucky who knows maybe it would just throwing that out there. Back to the subject at hand Zara releases a new ad campaign just about every month and a half to 2 months and if its not that quick it definitely feels like it.
Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 2.02.43 AM However I’ve been waiting for the campaign to debut I’ve mean if this was Florida they’d might be a tad bit ahead of themselves, but then again it’s globally as far as the Internet goes so it’s right on time for us Northerners who have just about 2 months left of warm weather. Absolutely love this Campaign it’s showered by pieces of fur which I love I’m sure it’s faux being that it’s Zara, but then again they could be doing this new thing with real fur, but I think that’s a bit too much controversy that they aren’t looking for, and then you had this guy below in this printed suit that I’m just have to see full on.Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 2.03.00 AM I’m ready for an oversized coat this season it’s definitely time for me to invest in more outerwear for the long WINTOUR’s we have in NYC. Not only that I need more coats surprising I don’t have just a solid black long pea coat, but I do have Trenches. One would argue that Zara copies the higher end designers and on some aspects of that I can agree, but I would say a remake. I appreciate Zara most for the simple things you know a brown long coat with fur on the collar, no prints need. I’ve always had this thing with prints, any how memorable they are.Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 2.02.02 AM