How Do You Get Dressed?

photo 1 copy 2 Do you start off with a cup of coffee, tea, or freshly squeezed orange juice? Do you have to turn on your favorite tunes? Living in New York City has made me quite the slothful being. Its become such a problem that nowadays I tell myself I’ll dream about what I’ll wear the next day, and other times I find myself doing the norm, and just looking for it when I wake up in the morning, which puts me in a frenzy, and has me sitting on my bed for probably 30 minutes piecing everything together just to say you know what I’ll throw on Black.

What do you start with? Is it your socks, ties, belts, shoes, pants, etc? I use to have this routine down. Once upon a time I always started with my tie, with that being the focal point of what was I wear wearing depending on the color of the shirt, and/or Blazer. It’s a science to getting dressed once you reach a certain point of no return. With that point being when you take longer than 20mins to get dressed when you actually pay attention to what you’re wearing, and not just throwing on a backwards cap, baggy pants, and galloping out the door or maybe that isn’t your style, but you still don’t take yourself serious enough to worry about something as small as clothes? I can’t say I really remember my high school routine not that it was that long ago, but I’ve been through my four years of college so it’s been long enough, but I definitely remember ironing the night before, that was extremely crucial, being that school started at 7:30am which meant the bus came at 6:10/15 if it were on time, and took another 30mins to get us to school even though I lived 10minutes away at most.

Long behold the days of College, even if I didn’t iron or find anything to wear the night before I had the decision of deciding if I needed to attend class that day, and if I did I have plenty of time to wake up before class, except for my one semester in my Junior year when I had an 8am class, truth be told I only attended that class 10 times the whole semester, and still passed with an A; I wouldn’t recommend doing that though your professor might not be as nice, and both semesters in my Senior on certain days when I had a 9:30am class. With that being said I get dressed based on my time allotted in the morning or night before, but no matter what I’m always thinking of the next day.