The Essentials.


absolutely necessary; extremely important.
“it is essential to keep up-to-date records”
synonyms: crucial, necessary, key, vital, indispensable, important, all-important, of the essence, critical, imperative, mandatory, compulsory, obligatory;

There are somethings in life one simply cannot live without, or that may be what our mind tells us these days or you know we’re just accustomed to having them. Although, some people may claim to live a life without any routine, but when you actually break it down everyone does. Do you use a different mouthwash everyday, a different shower gel, shampoo, so forth and so on? Your essential may stop at something as small as those different items I just listed, but what if you’re essentials play more than just a hygiene role in your life, what if it’s something you feel naked without? What if, without it you don’t feel complete? My essentials consist of everything I attached myself onto. Black Blazers, Black Shoes, Black Socks, White Button Ups, Multiple Bottles of Cologne. Weekly Haircuts, Axe Deodorant, see how more complicated things start to get? Need a better example? Karl Lagerfield for instance, Karl probably sees everything that he wears on a daily in his uniform as his essentials.

I find in this life, especially mine to be adjusting everyday. Everyday I tell myself that I need something else when in short, having my essentials could save me a lot of $$$, that’s if I narrowed my essentials down; however I think it takes a certain person to narrow their essentials down. You know what I don’t need a million different fragrances, shirts, shoes, etc. I definitely won’t sit here, and say I’m throwing my clothes out but I will say there’s a vault in my room that a large portion of items will be entering. Can you name your Essentials ? Mine consists of Armani Code, Black Velvet Slippers, my two-finger black ring, Black tank tops, My Brushes, real minimalistic right? I know, I’m still finding myself.