Marc Jacobs Sport Socks!

I’ve become a bit of a fanatic of Marc Jacobs and everything he offers at his men’s store in Greenwich Village, it’s the essentials that matter the most right? Everyone needs socks, and why not, you know have Marc Jacobs socks! For the people who love luxury, and who aren’t celebrities or fashion figures; we sort of have to buy our way into Fashion unless you start working in such industry, and that comes with work. Work that I’m putting in daily however that’s neither here nor there. Perfect staple piece for NYFW that is swiftly approaching, you ready? photo Now instead of wearing these socks to flaunt I went outside in the digusting heat that is just sitting over New York City everyday, and went back to my Jazz Dance roots, yes that’s right I went to a performing arts elementary school and I took up Jazz Dance for two years. I suggest everyone get there hands on some Marc Jacobs socks, before they go out of stock.