Beacon By Warby Parker

IMG_3561-1 Time to LATCH ON to a new collection By Warby Parker! Today, yes Today! Warby Parker launched their Newest Collection titled BEACON! “Inspired by impromptu, can’t- duplicate-them all-nighters, when having no plans brings endless possibilities.” Sounds like New York City doesn’t it? That’s not just a friday, or saturday night thing. This happens every night with a different set of friends, and with almost nine million people living in New York City, that’s a lot of endless nights. “The collection’s name is a hat-tip to the morning star, which you can catch just after sunset or just before sunrise, depending on the time of year.Warby I’ll admit when I think of Warby Parker, I think of clear lens optical glasses or they could be clear lens sunglasses, but that’s what comes to mind. A rather sophisticated look! The guy you spot at Barnes & Nobles reading a book; you think book smart, or is that just me? However with this new collection, the lenses get darker not saying that they haven’t before, but I’m gathering information here! We’re learning together! A friend of mine by the name of Raymond just purchased a pair of frames Black with clear lens, I’m assuming their prescription so I can’t just through them on for fun! However that’s my usual take on Warby Parker, but with their release of Beacon, they make me want to become that guy at Barnes & Nobles, but instead I’ll be holding a GQ or Details Magazine!WARBY2 This is where things start to get fun, let’s put a little color into your life.. Hey ladies I would assume these large yellow frames are for you. If you’re really into sunglasses, and shades then you know your glasses have to fit your personality, there’s a different pair out there for everyone; so here’s some names, and I’m going to let you match up your personality with the glasses when you visit

Garrett’s flat browline and subtle keyhole bridge are a fine pair for those with distinct taste.

McKee is an easygoing, round frame that suits medium faces and cheery personalities.

With squared-off lenses and a dipped browline, Ingram is a nice choice for both leisurely pursuits and revelry.

Nancy’s oversized lenses and angled brow detail are right at home in your backyard or abroad.IMG_2124-2

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