A New Denim; Mott & Bow

Mott Time for a new age of Denim, new processes, new washes & rinses. Introducing you all Mott & Bow; officially on my list of favorite Denim, we just formed a friendship that’s so slim.. Like 32 x 30 slim! When the average person thinks of Denim, you think oh “jeans or a denim shirt” but do you, yes you really think of the science that goes into processing those jeans you never wash, because you don’t want the color to fade? Is there a science behind keeping your color from fading? Never Washing? Sending them to the Cleaners? Putting them in the freezer? The things we go through to get and keep a great pair of jeans. Mott & Bott call it Denim ScienceAfter sewing, each jean is an empty canvas ready to be worked on. At Mott & Bow we handcraft every finishing process of your jean and make it look simply effortless. A lot of the cost of a premium jean is attributed to the amount of labor intensity in the finishing process.mott2 There’s a total of five steps that Mott & Bow go take to create their jeans. Do you appreciate things much more when you know real effort was put into it? Rhetorical! You cherish that item right? Whether it’s a material item or not. Personally I take my jeans very seriously. I have to have a look, fit, and wash. Most of my jeans are of a darker wash, I’m not sure what attracts me to darker jeans, but whatever it is I’m not complaining one bit.

Resin Spray from Mott & Bow on Vimeo.

Press Play for part I of Mott & Bow’s Denim Process!