Atelier Clothing; An Italian Brand

acc When you think menswear, especially suits you think Italy! If you know what you’re talking about of course! Introducing you to something foreign today. Dawning a new collection Atelier clothing is made for the man who likes to look good and feel good about himself whenever he walks out the door or into a crowded room. Women love a well-dressed man, wait let me fix that “most women” love a well-dressed man! A man who looks like he has it together and hopefully actually does have it together. Like Scott Disick; a man who’s been seen wearing this brand multiple times. Now you may think to yourself Scott doesn’t have it together, going back to his antics on the show, but everyone falls short however his wardrobe does not fall short. It’s so high off the ground it’s ridiculous, but that’s why we love Scott or Lord Disick.shoe Not only does Atelier produced a line of crisp clothing, they also make your feet look good, especially with these suede loafers I just absolutely adore! The red shoe is so rich in color! Coming in a vast variety of colors these loafers are definitely a hot ticket item. You can easily keep it simple by dawning a white button up or t-shirt with a great pair of denim jeans, and adding a pop of color with these shoes, or you can dress it up and totally kill the game. If you’re feeling sporty there’s also a shoe for that. I thought you’d guys be into these with this Camo trend that’s still trending…. Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 5.08.37 PM Shop Atelier Clothing here


4 responses to “Atelier Clothing; An Italian Brand

  1. The loafers are Licious. I like the Camo but then again I don’t like the Camo. I’d have to see those in person to make a decision

  2. the guys looks pretty nice. could be a bit more polished but I guess they didn’t want to make them look too darn fancy

  3. I think the looks could’ve been executed a bit better; whoever styled this shoot could’ve made things way neater

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