BALENCIAGA vs. Brooks England

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Of course, we all want what Alexander Wang is cooking up over there at Balenciaga, and lords knows this is a bag worthy of saving for every two weeks, but what happens when you only make $10 an hour, and you live in New York City, Rent comes around it seems every 3 weeks instead of 4, when you have a metro card to buy, clothes to wash, etc. The likeness of obtaining this bag seems to be prolonged and you end up with some version from H&M. It’s all about giving us common folks something to aspire to huh?
Or are you that good at penny-pinching, and eating ramen noodles for the next five or six months just to get this beauty in your possession? Face it, it’s the world we live in! We all want what we can’t have.. stick with me now; this isn’t going to say you can’t have this bag if you want it that bad, and you work regularly yes you can have this bag, but what about when your wallet just says you know what this isn’t going to work, and you need to find a less expensive, but yet equally yoked match? That’s what is for; that wasn’t a plug, but then it was a plug.Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 3.24.49 PM Perhaps not the most known brand in America or just perhaps not a popular as Alexander Wang is, but just as good with a huge difference in Price point, get with the program, because after they see that is talking about them their stock is going to go up. Brooks England is offering up a similar bag to the Balenciaga version, nope not saying they copied at all, both of these bags were released around the same time on a certain site I like to browse so who knows who released first, but what I do know is that if black just isn’t your color “Ummm what”, but like I was saying if black isn’t your color Brooks England bags come in a few more color options unlike the Balenciaga version. Now you’ve weighed your options do you Pick Balenciaga or do you play smart, and keep your wallet in good standing with Brooks England?

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