Men’s Fashion Week; The Chronicles of Vivienne Westwood

vwww In classic Westwood, this collection was loaded with her trademark tatters, shapes, exaggerated collars, cuffs, and upturned pockets. If you’re a male, and looking for a crazy patterned suit than V Westwood is your best bet; assuming you can afford it of course, if not don’t worry I got you covered later. Moving on this collection stemmed from something deep, so matters of legal issues from back in the day with a case I knew nothing of then again I’m not English. In full get up, the models strutted down the runway in an exciting assortment of colored suits; looks 2 & 3 possibly the same suit, I didn’t zoom in on them so I won’t say they’re exactly the same, but definitely close enough. I’m here for look 3 the most. I love love love a three-piece with the Chain oh.. take me to London town, and crown me Sherlock! VWW Cashing in on her ever so popular oversized hats. V Wood has presented us with Top Hats this season, and you know top hats already come in many different sizes, but I’m sure this one comes enormous! You Ready Pharrell? There’s something very hillbilly about looks 6 & 7, it’s a cool twist to being a hillbilly if you ask me.