Men’s Fashion Week; Versace, Versace

Verr Leave it to Donatella to sex up a Menswear collection! We know how riskay Versace can get, and they hold no boundaries when it comes down to menswear either. Even with these particular models being fully covered for the most part, I still feel the sex being sold. Let’s not confuse my words for bashing totally love how they work over at Versace. When I first saw this collection however I guess I wasn’t exactly expecting it. Must’ve been expecting something else perhaps something close to what other designers released during Menswear Fashion Week, but then again I’m glad it wasn’t the same! Well all know how gaudy Versace is, and truly that’s why we love them. The Gaudiness, the Sexy, the Leather! Yeah, all of that! Now it’s said that Cuba was the inspiration behind this collection oh, Dona! The Cuban’s serving up sexy down under huh?Ver2 Oh God! Looks 3,6 & 7 Yeah I’m pretty much in Love. I might not be able to make to Cuba anytime soon, but these looks will definitely do for the Miami lights on South Beach! This is just me, but the last model looks damn Perfect! Yes I said that right! DAMN PERFECT! He was walking! This gold on this jacket, and pants combo! Searches Versace’s website for a gift for myself!