Men’s Fashion Week; Thom Browne

TBB Is Thom Browne the only American Menswear Designer to make art? Thom Browne does what no other in my opinion American male designer does for men! All while the looks you see here today most likely won’t be in stores or be seen walking down the streets of New York City they’ll most likely be archived or put into an art show! Funny thing is the clothes that were apart of this collection, and most likely will make it to stores weren’t the highlight I’m sure they were amazing, but those garments sat with the models who sat. A pink explosion in this first collage. Wait a minute Ding Ding Ding! Structure, and this is more than structure its look he flipped the body inside out, and colored over it to me it look pretty. I obviously haven’t met the right people yet, because I’m still trying to make it.

Listen we have Anna Dello Russo who is the epitome of everything I wear is off the runway, but we don’t have a male counterpart to fulfill that same role, and I think they should just give me the part. I’d be in Noho at my favorite coffee shop dressed in looks 2 & 3.. The Shoulders !!!!
Moving on, by now you all should know that Thom Browne is my favorite designer. I wait for his collection every season no matter male or female. I’m just always waiting to see what he does next. I’m still out here advocating that he needs to be the designer for Tim Burton’s next film. How can people not see how sick that would be? Looks 1 & 3 from our second collage are to be place in the garment bags as well. I wonder how well the models breathed with those plastic masks on? Everything is just so perfect. I’m still waiting on my first invite to a Thom Browne show. I’m in New York City, and I’m baffled as to why I haven’t made it on the list yet. TB3 After looking at this collection over, and over again I start to see these models are robots. Look at the structure and outlining of the garments. Take the plastic mask for instance, and how the rest of the models had to sit perfectly still the entire show; they had to be channeling Robots!! All in All I expect nothing, but greatness from Thom, and if I ever see him again. I’m going to have a real conversation this time!