Men’s Fashion Week; Neil Barrett

Neill I know this was intended for Spring time in 2015, but I’m definitely seeing this being a winter time favorite especially when the Snow is thick, and white here in New York City. Neil Barrett does jacket’s perfectly, and sweatshirts. Everything seems so hmmm.. 2D/3D one of those it just looks like you put on the garment, and it creates its own structure never mind your body. 1,3,& 4 are my favorite looks from line up number 1 with 4 being a strong contender for my favorite, it’s the wind that the model created himself with this coat!Neil2 For example takes jackets from looks 2,7,& 8. Do you see what I mean. Marvelous jackets aren’t they, if you’ve been reading you know I love structure it’s something so sexy about your garments feeling like what they cost you unless you paid $5 then you don’t want it to feel like that anyhow Neil’s clothing isn’t five dollars so that’s neither here nor there. From the second collage 3&4 are my favorite looks; with Jacket #3 being the winner! Neil3 Let me tell you what I love. A GOOD TAILOR! Let’s give credit to these people behind the scenes who’s making all of this clothes they don’t just come out of nowhere, and with Neil Barrett you receive rather extraordinary tailoring, like God did it himself. Look #1 from this collage takes the cake. Stop take a minute to look at this Jacket! Sleek to the fullest! Neil4 I Love a good biker jacket, and this jacket on look #1 isn’t good it’s beyond great worthy of our praise! Black oh how I love Black, and then it Shines! Thank’s Neil… Did you take the Blue or Red Pill?