Men’s Fashion Week; Lanvin

Lann Let’s address these trousers first! I’m not sure if that’s a tweed or a blended wool, but they look amazing through this computer screen. Somedays I wish I could dress like this year round, and then I check the weather app on my phone, and find out that Mother Nature doesn’t feel the same way that I do about things. Obviously these 3 looks are amongst my favorite being that I’m displaying them here.

I know I know you probably like you think you can see yourself in everything, but truly I can. I feel there’s a lot I can pull off, but I won’t toot my horn just yet. What we’re experiencing here with Lanvin is a man who’s dressed up, but slouches a little or throw on some sneakers instead of those Stubbs & Woottons he’s being raving about. Menswear is getting much more relaxed, now for myself personally I’m not sure if I like or Love that. I won’t say I disapprove, but I won’t say I’m all here for it either. Depends on how the winds blows.Lan2
Let’s address the last look first, I find it extremely intolerable to wear baggy clothes now unless it’s a lounge around the house day. I’m not sure why I can’t get jiggy with pants that aren’t straight leg, I’m not sure maybe I’ve grown accustomed to how I like my clothes to fit to an extent that I just don’t feel comfortable in anything else, but with that being said… I’d definitely have to change my mind if I got my hands on this look. I love how they tailored to pants to stop right at the shoe, I hate when people walk on top of their pants!