Men’s Fashion Week; Marc By Marc Jacobs

Marc_By_Marc_Jacobs_010_1366.450x675 When I looked at this Marc By Marc Jacobs Lookbook, all I could think of was how young the clothes look if you know what I mean? Seems this collection was made specifically for adolescents the ones entering in college or the rooms who needed new gear for summer break. I Got it! The road trip kids, that’s definitely it! Boyishly young! At any rate this is Marc By Marc Jacobs made for the lounging, playing around, running through Soho while it’s raining “okay maybe not that part” what I’m getting at is that Marc By Marc Jacobs is all about fun, and having fun. MBMJ Sandals are all the rave yet again in life. I honestly don’t remember them being this popular since the 90’s when I was just a boy in elementary school, and stuff. However their back, and are bang with a bang, the recent colors, structure, and style has turned sandals into a must-have except I don’t have. I haven’t found a pair that I just need oh so bad. Of course in all this fun clothing, I had to find the best options for myself, and this short suit, and then this other suit. Clap Clap, and it all still looks so youthful doesn’t it?

P.S I’m secretly still waiting on the women’s Marc By Marc Jacobs sneakers to drop next month.

4 responses to “Men’s Fashion Week; Marc By Marc Jacobs

  1. I like all these looks the first is my best pick. i like it especially for this hot summer we having right now

  2. I love how marc keeps everything looking so youthful as well. like even though these guys are grown men they could pass as boys.

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