Men’s Fashion Week; Givenchy

G2Riccardo Tisci knows how to turn numbers doesn’t he! Rhetorical; don’t answer that! Really though Cardo has turn Givenchy into one of those brands that will sell no matter what! Fan base is super strong right about now! I appreciate this collection dearly, because although if you know Fashion you’ll know who these garments are by, but if you don’t may stumble, and call out another designer, and for that exact reason I love it. Yes it’s all about branding, and I know it probably means a lot to a designer when your garments/collection can be as easily spotted as a Chanel Bag. I hate that one line.. you know that line “Oh, I know where you got your shirt fromBYE.GG Clearly I knew Cardo wasn’t going to do a collection without those sample pieces, that everyone is going to die to have, and those pieces happen to be these bottom three looks! Yes with its flowering detail it’s definitely going to sell out quick! As much as I love to not be spotted, others love to be spotted. Now who doesn’t like to walk into a room and stump on the guy who’s wearing the Zara/H&M version of the real thing. Quite an ego boost isn’t it? Speaking of turning numbers Cardo’s turning 40 in a months time! Happy Birthday Buddy