Men’s Fashion Week; Dior Homme

Diorr Thanks to Kris Van Assche this season of Dior Homme has brought me “us” an array of options. From a suit or looks we would love to see walking the streets during Fashion week to the suit that would take a male and turn him from a boy into a man! The first suit with the static like pattern to it. I need that to be worn once & only once on my longest day of the year so everyone gets their fair share of seeing me!

Looks 1,3,4 are my favorite out of the first line up of looks you see here. I Love look one because of the layering paired with the shorts I love oxymoron’s like that, plus I love a good look that encompasses shorts with extremely nice shoes, and look 4 a full on Jean Suit! Bravo Bravo Kris!D3 I’d like to give myself a pat on the back, because I always do the button up with slacks, and no belt, that’s my thing. I feel like belt just really makes everything more formal nowadays, unless I’m wearing jeans, but that’s just my feeling.Dior2 Transitioning from Writings on the Wall, to Writings on The Jeans.. I Love a sweater of the a button up look, but you can still see the collar, it’s something so classic about that pairing. Looks 6,7, & 8 are my favorite on this bottom line up, but you already knew that right? If not, you don’t pay enough attention to me, and that’s bad for our relationship here. Look 8 takes the cake! Yes from the contrast in blues to the matching handing writing. Perfect!