Men’s Fashion Week; Comme Des Garçons

CDG Can you imagine how insane I went when I saw Comme Des Garçons LookBook? Forget the Clothes, Forget the Clothes! The Shoes are the stars of this Show! Taking us back to the late 14th Century here. Here’s a little history lesson. In the late 14th century onward, there was a certain style of shoe called the Krakow, with a toe so elongated (called a poulaine) that sometimes it had to be tied to keep the person who was wearing the shoe from getting in their own way.

See how we keep you learning over here! Professor Rashad! Moving on the Clothes made me smile too. I’m more than here for This Short Suit! Pay Attention though, can you spy the suspenders attached to the shorts, with a suit jacket short enough to give this suit the illusion of a one piece, instead of two separates? Do you see that? If I had the Demand, I would Clearly be in Contact with Comme Des Garçons PR Team to get these Garments on me for the upcoming New York Fashion Week; so if you’re reading this Comme Des Garçons PR Team. Please Consider It! Okay Enough Begging.CDG2 A Serious collection of suits was offered in this showing, but not just any collection. A collection of military style suits! You know my Mum was in the Army “Fun Fact”! There’s always an extreme piece of Art Work encased within Comme Des Garçons shows, and obviously this time it was the shoes! Let’s take a step back just incase the Krakow is too extreme for you. Focus your eyes on Look 4 on this page! Marvelous suit, color, and pattern. Look down however, and there’s a shoe with a slight tip, more your speed?

3 responses to “Men’s Fashion Week; Comme Des Garçons

  1. that is a serious shoe, not sure many people could pull that off, and I wonder if they could pull it off on any given day. Fashion week of course

  2. 1,3,4,5 are my favorite looks from what you’ve presented us with. I love the short suit thing too that’s pretty fancy

  3. I really wonder if anyone is going to be brave enough to strut around in these shoes? I really like look 1 though something about that color.

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