Men’s Fashion Week; Balmain

Balmain_026_1366.450x675 I’d like to think the name BALMAIN rings bells from Atlanta To Sicily, and with a Designer who’s becoming his own celebrity the brands publicity is sky-rocketing. I love Balmain this is such a Luxe brand, and you can feel the $$$ you paid for the product as well! The Tailoring is to the T! Nothing left unfinished, and if so it was meant to be that way! When I stop by High End stores I always find myself in the Balmain section saying “hmmmmm, I really want this” am I going to save for it? Probably not, because by the time I’m done saving a new season would have arrived! Enough of me! Balmain2 Obviously in this collection the focal point were the Jackets, and slightly the Ski-like shoes! I think it’s pretty safe to say Olivier Rousteing knows what he’s doing over in Paris, and he’s putting effort into his menswear collection. It feels good knowing that a designer actually takes his menswear as serious as his womenswear, because we know how that doesn’t happen very often. Red Jacket = Perfect For Michael Jackson.. reminding me of Thriller. Bottom Two Jackets = Perfect for Me, reminding me of myself when I’m day dreaming about how my whole closet consist of nothing, but Balmain.