Men’s Fashion Week; Dolce & Gabbana

DG3I failed, I really did.

I’ve failed at picking favorite looks for Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring 2015 Menswear Collection. How can you pick a favorite when they gave you 75 ahhhhmazing looks. Yes you read that number correctly 75! Talk about production. Obviously they have a number of Master Tailors over at their factories! Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are legends okay, I know that may sound weird saying since they’re so young, and all; however credit is due! These two have constantly and I mean season after season impressed us all! Sticking close to those Sicily roots they’ve offered up a overdosage of fabulous looks, I need another word for fabulous, because that word just isn’t living up to what needs to be said about how amazing this collection was.

They’ve created new gear for the Bull Fighters in Spain.

The Color Red was so vast in this collection, there’s a different name for every color of red, and their colorist definitely had a final exam, in finding out which color reds were going to work for this collection. Crops Crops! I wouldn’t say these Jackets are cropped, because this is what the jackets are supposed to look like! The stitching of these garments beyond stunning!

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I Can’t possibly fit all 75 looks into this one post so I had to put them in a slideshow for your viewing. I need you to sit still, and focus on every look that I’ve picked here! Of course though I still had to keep a couple out of the slideshow so you can just pause on the fact that everything they created was magnificent, and deserves more than a round of applause.DG2