Men’s Fashion Week; Richard James

Richard2 Tis the season of Adventure time. Remember Jumanji? The movie about the girls, and two adults with the board game that brought animals, and a certain soldier to life? It’s an older, but this collection reminds me of the old senile soldier!

I always liked the scarf tied around the neck up a polo/button up look. It’s something about it that really gets me going. The color palette from this collection was absolute like the Vodka instead of Vodka it was absolutely perfect! To the T. I love the safari look, all I need is a fast Jeep with doors, and windows I’m not that accustom, and I’m not Lara Croft so I can’t be riding around in Africa and/or whenever wild animals are just roaming around about their business, but I dig the look, and I want to recreate it. Look 1 & Look 2 of this line up! Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes! That’s not to count our look 3 & look 4, but 1 & 2 is definitely what I want to make mine! With clothes like these the locals of whichever country won’t know if where there for work or leisure or if we’re crazy or not.Richard3 Along came the Rich Man, and the bottom three looks all possess a man with a plan. People eyeing you because they want to know who you are and why your clothes are so nice, and why are you wearing a suit in the Sahara desert or the Congo.